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As summer turns to autumn

It’s been a bit quiet here recently and i apologise for that, I have had a really fun and busy summer attending a range of fab events and shows covering the south west. Along with events and orders coming in from around the world from my Etsy shop, my social networking has been very much neglected.

While attending events i always set out with the good intention to take photos of my stand and general photos of the event being attended to post to social media but that seems to go out the window when we become busy chatting to customers or i am demonstrating needle felting. When there is a lull it’s time quite to grab a drink and have something to eat. Then before you know it’s time to pack up. There are early starts the earliest this year 3.30am for a one day show but the journey is part of the event, fun with fab views, picturesque villages and that always make up for the early starts, we have such a beautiful country.

Now as summer turns to autumn i have some time to spend in the studio designing, experimenting and adding to the range of items i make. Some will never see the light of day because I am not happy with them which does happen but not very often, the ones I am happy with will be added to the existing range of items I sell. Photos will be taken and they will be added to my Etsy shop.

Also there are the events we will be attending in the busy run up to Christmas. (14 weeks, at the time of writing this)  You can check the upcoming events page here

Right i had better get back to work as i hope to have several new items to add to the shop over this weekend. #littlebeedesigns #makergotomake #handmade #etysuk

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