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As summer turns to autumn

It’s been a bit quiet here recently and i apologise for that, I have had a really fun and busy summer attending a range of fab events and shows covering the south west. Along with events and orders coming in from around the world from my Etsy shop, my social networking has been very much neglected.

While attending events i always set out with the good intention to take photos of my stand and general photos of the event being attended to post to social media but that seems to go out the window when we become busy chatting to customers or i am demonstrating needle felting. When there is a lull it’s time quite to grab a drink and have something to eat. Then before you know it’s time to pack up. There are early starts the earliest this year 3.30am for a one day show but the journey is part of the event, fun with fab views, picturesque villages and that always make up for the early starts, we have such a beautiful country.

Now as summer turns to autumn i have some time to spend in the studio designing, experimenting and adding to the range of items i make. Some will never see the light of day because I am not happy with them which does happen but not very often, the ones I am happy with will be added to the existing range of items I sell. Photos will be taken and they will be added to my Etsy shop.

Also there are the events we will be attending in the busy run up to Christmas. (14 weeks, at the time of writing this)  You can check the upcoming events page here

Right i had better get back to work as i hope to have several new items to add to the shop over this weekend. #littlebeedesigns #makergotomake #handmade #etysuk

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All new online site and blog for Little Bee Designs



Welcome to the new Little Bee Designs website and blog.

Does anyone else have the same problem as me! Which is when you are faced with a fresh new blog, how to start. Do I try to write something profound and thought provoking or do I just ramble on about what I do day to day in the studio and everyday life and remember to add the occasional photo of the shows I attend, the garden, the wild animals that visit the garden and what I am making. Well here it is…

It’s been a long time coming but i have finally got around to having a proper online presence other than the social media sites i have been on for a number of years. This year Little Bee Designs has evolved and changed from just being a small craft stall at local events into an online personalised gift shop that i am delighted to say is growing at a steady pace and hopefully will continue to grow and that is largely down to your interest and love of the items i make. Thank you.

This year has seen a number of changes, a big one was the full knee replacement I had due to having RA which was successful and as with all big ops, it left me what a fair bit of time to think while recovering about what I wanted to do when i was able to get back into the studio and out and about.

The first thing was to open an online Etsy shop which I opened a couple of weeks into January this year and was totally surprised and happy to get my first sale a few days after opening and it has continued to grow at a steady pace.

This year has also seen us go further afield to attend bigger events and county shows which are proving to be a lot of fun and successful, as i love meeting new and loyal customers and seeing the reaction to the old and new ranges of goodies I make.

I will let you onto a little secret, I always show new work at events to get feedback and see how well they sell before they are added to my shop. I also for some reason tend to come up with new ideas the week leading up to an event which sees me working frantically to get them done into the wee small hours, but usually prove to be successfully received 9 times out of ten. Well I had better stop my rambling and get back to work; i have an Artisan fair this weekend to get ready for… In the meantime i will leave you with a few photos of my stand and you can check out my Instagram and facebook pages to the right of the page. If you are interested in the shop here is the link Etsy Shop

Little Bee Designs stand at Wadswick