It’s been a bit quiet here recently and i apologise for that, I have had a really fun and busy summer attending a range of fab events and shows covering the south west. Along with events and orders coming in from around the world from my Etsy shop, my social networking has been very much neglected. While attending events i always set out with the good intention to take photos of my stand and general photos of the event being attended to post to social media but that seems to go out the window when we become busy chatting to customers or i am demonstratingRead More →

    Welcome to the new Little Bee Designs website and blog. Does anyone else have the same problem as me! Which is when you are faced with a fresh new blog, how to start. Do I try to write something profound and thought provoking or do I just ramble on about what I do day to day in the studio and everyday life and remember to add the occasional photo of the shows I attend, the garden, the wild animals that visit the garden and what I am making. Well here it is… It’s been a long time coming but i have finally gotRead More →